Yokohama Cosmo World Amusement Park


Yokohama Cosmo World is an amusement park in the center of the Minato Mirai district, and includes the giant Ferris wheel that is a prominent feature of the area’s skyline. It is inexpensive, and extremely family friendly.

Cosmo World is divided into three zones according to age appropriateness, and is located on both sides of the Ooka River’s mouth into Tokyo Bay, with a bridge connecting the mainland section with the Shinko Island section. With its waterfront view on all ends, Cosmo World is scenic and beautiful by day, and its brilliant lights make it a romantic place to walk at night.

Unlike the major amusement parks in the area such as Fuji-Q Highland and the Tokyo Disney parks, Yokohama Cosmo World has no entrance charge. Instead, customers pay by the individual ride or attraction, allowing for cheaper overall costs. Prices range from ¥300-¥500 for the kiddie rides, and top off at ¥700 for the adult rides. The pricing is a perfect customizable option for people who only want to take a single spin, or those who want to spend the afternoon.

There are rollercoasters, adventure rides, and arcades that make having fun easy for people of any age. On top of that, Cosmo World has three zones that cater to different age groups. First, the “Wonder Amuse Zone” is where you’ll find the more thrilling rides, including the roller coasters and gaming arcade. There are also stalls where you can play games for prizes. Next, at “Burano Street Zone”, you will find crane games alongside more mild rides for older children. Finally, the “Kids Carnival Zone” is where you would take younger children. There are slower moving carts you can ride with your child, and popular children mascot statues with which you can take pictures. Without any doubt, there is something for anyone who visits Yokohama here.