Vending machine that serves Handmade dumplings(餃子) in Yokohama!


There are approximately 2.5 million vending machines in Japan and each one has a story, but none so enticing as a machine rumored to vend handmade dumplings(餃子 : Gyoza) 24 hours a day, seven days a week, rain or shine.
Painted bright yellow, it certainly did have a unique appearance worthy of its reputation. The machine is located five minutes from Center Minami Station on foot, outside of the Lonsanbo Chinesee small plate restaurant and boasted several of its items such as Handmade Gyoza (13 for 1,000 yen), Meat Gyoza (12 for 1,000 yen), Mizu Gyoza (8 for 880 yen), along with soup dumplings and shumai to choose from. All items were made by the Lonsanbo staff themselves.