Tiffany Young is “Born Again” in New Single + Video


Tiffany Young has released her new single, “Born Again,” along with its accompanying music video. Young has been teasing the release for weeks, having wiped her Instagram clea in preparation for her new era.

According to Tiffany, the track represents embracing one’s past to create a better version of themselves tomorrow.

She says, “This song and music video was a very emotional and personal journey inspired by all the tragedy and pain I’ve had to mask with a smile throughout my career, and “Born Again” is symbolic of my passion to always fight to grow from these experiences.”

The music video for “Born Again” shows Tiffany not being afraid to share her feelings and emotions to viewers. The video is more minimalistic than her previous, setting Tiffany to be the main focus of the video, with the beach as her backdrop.

In the video, Young also debuts her long blonde hair, a drastic change from her short black hair as seen in her “Teach You” video. The change is just another representation of Tiffany Young’s new era.