The Most Dangerous Sport In The World


What is the most dangerous sport in the world? Which sport should you avoid? If you play sports regularly, it’s more than likely that at some point you’ll get injured.

Basketball players get jammed fingers, sprained ankles, and black eyes. Soccer players’ knees often grind down after many years of play, while high-impact sports such as football and rugby will leave most players feeling bruised after almost every game. Cricket and baseball players might not suffer so many injuries, but spectators who are not huge fans may die of boredom watching a full game.

Obviously, when we talk about dangerous sports, many of those sports aren’t available to everyone. Kids in England lay down their coats as goal posts and start playing, but that is not the case everywhere else. Most of us can’t just get on a very fast motorbike and start racing, nor do we regularly don some boxing gloves and start pulverizing our friends. Lets find out The Most Dangerous Sport In The World.