Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum


Ramen consists of noodle and soup. While having its origin in a Chinese noodle dish, ramen has continued evolving uniquely in Japan. It is now loved as widely as it can be called one of Japan’s most popular dishes. The flavor and toppings varies from region to region. Also, ramen shops compete with each other over their individuality. A ramen theme park is where the renowned ramen shops across the country are brought together. Now, it is said there are over 20 of them nationwide. Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum was the first of this kind and was opened in 1993.

This ramen museum consists of three floors, the ground floor and two basement floors. On the ground floor, there is a ramen gallery where the history of ramen, its transition and items such as the bowls and the cookware of ramen shops across the nation are exhibited. And on the two basement floors, a street scene in 1958 is reproduced and the selected 8 ramen shops stand side by side. It is an eating area where visitors can eat ramen. In addition, many shops, nostalgic and fun, such as an old-style shop that sells cheap snacks and sweets and a shooting game gallery are found there. At Tsurukame Park on the 2nd basement floor, events that both adults and children can enjoy such as Kamishibai (picture-story show) are held every day. Visitors can experience good old Japanese popular culture.

The museum is easily accessible; it is 5 minutes’ walk from Shin-Yokohama Station, a Shinkansen Station. Please visit the museum with a hungry belly.