PUBG Players vs Fortnite Players


With over five million concurrent players at any one time between the two, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and Fortnite Battle Royale aren’t just wildly successful games: they’re full-blown phenomenons. But when it comes to PUBG vs Fortnite, which one should you play?

Fortnite and PUBG have a ton in common. They are both multiplayer online shooters that allow for solo or team play and subscribe to the battle-royale format, which drops 100 players at a time into an enclosed space where they must scavenge for weapons, medical supplies, and other resources to be the last one standing.

Though both games came out last fall, Fortnite is a free mode of another game that was in development for roughly six years. The battle-royale mode is free on desktop, mobile, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile, PUBG — created by a now well-known developer and modder named Brendan Greene, known online as PlayerUnknown — began only a year before its release. PUBG costs $30 for desktop and Xbox One but has a free mobile version.

The similarities and advantages of the games have been hotly debated since their releases. But what is the difference between PUBG players vs Fortnite Players? Are they the same type of person? What attracts people to each game?
Lets find out the difference between PUBG players vs Fortnite Players on the video below.