OBB Has Released A Brand New Single And Music Video Titled “7 Billion”


We have a new single from OBB, the three-piece who went viral with songs “Sweater” and “Mona Lisa”, and this one will make your heart melt. “7 Billion” is an unforgettable devotion track that is beyond sweet, and one we can’t get enough of.

For those of you who are wondering who OBB are; well, they are a boy band trio consisting of the Oswald brothers, Zach, Jacob, and Nich. They are currently building up their careers, having reached millions of people just last year with the release of “Sweater” and “Mona Lisa”, as well as their debut EP, titled Is This A Thing. The songs, of which, have been featured on Radio Disney, a Google Chromebook commercial, and a Dude Perfect YouTube video.

The song has been written by Benji Cowart, Jacob Oswald, Josh Bronleewe, Nicholas Oswald, and Zachary Oswald. We urge you not to confuse this song with Elyar Fox’s “A Billion Girls” however we wouldn’t blame you as they are similar in lyrical content, although OBB has nailed the emotion and integrity, giving us heart melting vibes. As for the music video, it has been directed by the three-piece themselves.

Watch OBB’s Music Video For “7 Billion” Here: