My visit to Nokogiri-yama


Mount Nokogiri (鋸山 Nokogiri-yama)
Nokogiri-yama lies on the southern border of the city of Futtsu and the town Kyonan in Awa District in Chiba Prefecture.A historical place where you can roam around the mountain with peace and silence. the journey from Hamakanaya Station where you can find the Nokogiriyama Ropeway,which runs from Hamakanaya Station on the JR Uchibo Line to a lookout deck near the top of the temple precinct.while at the top of the mountain you can feel the peace at the top of the mounatin.
The interesting part of the mountain is that when you want to return from the top of the mountain, you can choose the path way of the mountain where you can see temples,sculptures, adn hundreds of historical statue.

The western side of the mountain is also the site of the sprawling Nihon-ji temple complex, which is the home of two Daibutsu sculptures – a huge seated carving of Yakushi Nyorai that at 31.05 metres (101.9 ft) tall is the largest pre-modern, stone-carved Daibutsu in Japan, and the “Hundred-shaku Kannon”, a tall relief image of Kannon carved into one of the quarry walls – as well as 1500 hand-carved arhat sculptures, which combined with the spectacular scenery of the Bōsō Hills and Tokyo Bay, make Mount Nokogiri a popular tourism destination.