Mitsuike Park : One of Top 100 Hanami Spot in Japan 三ッ池公園


Located in a residential area somewhere between Shin-Yokohama and Tsurumi and accessible by bus only, Mitsuike Koen will not disappoint anyone like me who slowly waited for the weekend to spend a day out with the Sakura trees.

With three ponds, gorgeous colors in all seasons, and ample sport and leisure facilities, Mitsuike Park is an excellent spot for picnicking, strolling or letting off some steam.
Mitsuike Park, meaning “three ponds park” is a park covering 29.7 hectares in the Tsurumi area of Yokohama.

Mitsuike Park is one of the very popular parks for local Yokohama people, especially to enjoy the cherry blossom season.
Here`s our full day travel video around Mitsuike Park at Tsurumi.


Located approximately 1.8 km northwest of Tsurumi Station, Mitsuike Park comprises three ponds. The name of “Mitsuike” came from them. It is enclosed in an abundant forest. When spring arrives, more than 1,600 Sakura trees begin blossom. The park is a well-known spot for cherry blossom viewing.

Address :  1-1 Mitsuike Park, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama Area Northern Yokohama
Closest Railway Station and Bus Stop Mitsuike-Koen Kitamon (Municipal Bus Route 6 or 104) from Shin-Yokohama Station(JR)
Mitsuike-Koen Kitamon (Municipal Bus Route 6, 67,or 104) from Tsurumi Station (JR)