Michael Jackson’s sexual assault allegations spark controversy again


Michael Jackson fans protested outside Channel 4’s London headquarters hours before the airing of “Leaving Neverland,” a documentary which accuses Jackson of sexually abusing two young boys.

The documentary alleges that Wade Robson and James Safechuck were sexually abused over a period of time, from the ages of seven and 10. The Jackson family says there is no evidence to prove the claims. The Michael Jackson estate is suing HBO for 100 million U.S. dollars in damages. The statue of Michael Jackson that has been donated to the National Football Museum in Manchester has also been taken down. Oprah Winfrey interviewed the accusers in a special that aired after the documentary. She didn’t directly condemn Jackson, but she praised “Leaving Neverland,” and treated it as being truthful.

Robson was a key witness for the defense in Jackson’s 2005 criminal trial on child molestation charges. During the trial, he denied that the singer had ever molested him.