Hamamatsucho – The Home to Tokyo Tower.


20 Min by mono rail from Haneda Airport, Hamamatsucho station is one of first stop for tourist whenever they visit japan. This station is home to Tokyo tower, one of the most visited tourist spot.

The first stop for our travel video will be Hama-Rikyu Gardens, which is 15 min walk from Hamamatsucho sation.

The garden has a large pond with some islands, lots of trees everywhere, rambling paths and flowers for every season. And on top of that, with the World Trade Center and Tokyo Tower not too far away, it has a great backdrop.
This park is located at the center of the city close to Hamamatsu-cho station. There are various species of trees around the garden and a large central pond. You can enjoy a variety of flowers and trees in different seasons ranging from cherry blossoms to lavenders. While you are walking around, there are many spots that you can sit back and rest. I would say that it is the best place to relax among the chaos of the city outside the garden at the end of the day.
Visitors can also cross one of the three bridges to reach the teahouse, where they can enjoy refreshment such as matcha and Japanese sweets in a tea-ceremony style.

Our Next stop is Tokyo tower.
A 20 min walk from Hamarikyu garden. It was built in 1958 as a broad casting tower. It Stand 333 meter tall. It was once the country’s tallest structure from its completion in 1958 until 2012 when it was surpassed by the Tokyo Skytree. It is still one of the most popular tourist destination in Tokyo Marking at around 2 million visitor every year.

The tower’s main deck at 150 meters is reached via elevator or a 600-step staircase (both paid). Thanks to the tower’s central location, the observatory offers an interesting view of the city despite being only at a relatively moderate height. Both the main deck and top deck are open until 11:00 PM and the night views are especially romantic. At night the city looks like countless glittering diamonds. The view of Rainbow Bridge illuminated at night to the southeast is especially beautiful, but equally as stunning in the daytime

There are also some “lookdown windows” in the floor to stand on, a souvenir shop and a cafe where visitors can enjoy refreshments.

Directly below the tower stands the “Foot Town” building, which houses a variety of souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and the One Piece Tower, an indoor amusement park. Opened on the 15th anniversary of the popular manga in 2015, the park offers a variety of shows, games and other attractions that feature characters from the series.