BTS – The Grammy Takeover has begun


The Grammy Awards show is regarded as one of the most prestigious award shows in the world, and BTS has been invited!

But wait, not only have they been invited, but they have also been asked to be presenters! This is a role given to stars who present one of the Grammy’s top awards to a winner. This is a major opportunity for any celebrity, artist or individual as it shows that the Recording Academy has recognised BTS as a key role player in the music industry.

Although BTS may not be nominated for one of the main awards, their album has been nominated for “Best Recording Package”, which is still an important award and notable feat to have.

Last year, BTS was invited to have “a conversation” at the Grammy Museum. Here, the global icons explained the message of their music, their talents, and behind-the-scenes production of their music and performances. It is an honour for any artist or group to be invited to the Recording Academy’s esteemed Museum.

Following the exclusive article by Variety regarding BTS’s invitation to the Grammys, BTS hit headlines around the world. They easily became a top trending topic on social media platforms. The reality is that they are one of the top demanded artists worldwide.