BABYMETAL hits 100 million views with “Gimme chocolate!!”


BABYMETAL just passed 100 million views on their catchy song “Gimme chocolate!!”. In the five years that it has been up on YouTube, the video garnered over 770,000 likes and almost 100,000 comments!

Gimme chocolate!! was first introduced to the world when the group released it along with their debut self-titled album on February 26, 2014. Due to the surprising success of the song internationally, it was later released as a stand-alone digital single in 2015. It is by far BABYMETAL’s most successful music video to date, with the music video MEGITSUNE trailing behind with “only” 56 million views.

As of recently, BABYMETAL has unfortunately turned from a trio to a duo unit. However, they’re still continuing their quest for world domination.