15 Things You Didn’t Know About Vin Diesel


Vin Diesel is best known for playing Dominic Toretto in the massively successful Fast and the Furious franchise, but the buff action star is involved with more than just one major franchise.
There is little doubt that Diesel is now one of the biggest action stars in the biz (literally and figuratively) and his success just keeps getting bigger. Everyone knows that Diesel is a talented one when it comes to kicking ass and looking cool, but he’s far more than just a tough guy. A man of many talents (and with a fascinating history), we’ve broken down fifteen of the most fascinating things about the multi-faceted star.

The video below will try to answer the following questions:
Who is Vin Diesel?
How old is Vin Diesel?
How rich is Vin Diesel?
Is Vin Diesel married?
Does Vin Diesel have a twin brother?
What’s Vin Diesel famous for?
Does Vin Diesel have kids?
Where does Vin Diesel live?
What cars does Vin Diesel have?
What are the best Vin Diesel movies?