15 Things You Didn’t Know About Karlie Kloss


Karlie Kloss is an American fashion model born in 1992. She was discovered as a young teen and has proceeded to become one of modern day’s most successful models. Here is 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Karlie Kloss

Number Fifteen: Karlie Kloss Didn’t Start College Until 23
She was too busy after high school to go straight to college, but didn’t want to wait until she was 30 to start college. She’s very busy right now, but hopes it’s only the beginning, because she wants to do it all.

Number Fourteen: She’s in a Super Famous Friendship
Kloss met BFF Taylor Swift at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and the two were introduced by a model who knew they were kindred spirits. Karlie says it’s hard to maintain contact with friends when you have such a busy life.

Number Thirteen: Vegan Cookies and Coding
In order to help feed hungry people around the world, Kloss started a vegan cookie fundraiser in 2012. In addition to this, she’s gotten into coding and aims to help women enter the world of technology through a scholarship called Kode With Karlie.

Number Twelve: Her Double Life
In between classes at her high school, she would fly to Europe for prestigious photo shoots. Surprisingly, no one at her school seemed to care, because apparently no one read Vogue Italia.

Number Eleven: Dior and Comfort
Karlie Kloss wore Dior couture to her prom, but despite that, she wouldn’t have considered herself high fashion back then. She liked to stay comfortable, and prefers that even today.

Number Ten: Her Thoughts on the Internet’s Effects on the Industry
Social media has changed everything, and this includes fashion modeling. Instead of only a few hundred people seeing shows, anyone with internet can tune in. She realizes that this puts a bigger spotlight on what she does, and is happy to be able to show her personality.

Number Nine: She’s Surprisingly Old-Fashioned
Instead of staying home and interacting on social media, she prefers to have in-person conversations where you can feel present with whoever you’re with. We hope you enjoyed part one of our list, and learned some things about Karlie.

Number Eight: Karlie Kloss Ignores the Haters
When asked if she reads the comments about her online, she says that she has, and while the majority are positive, some bullies exist. She has learned to ignore this, and see that stuff as “just noise.”

Number Seven: Ballet Contributed to Her Success
While growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, Karlie became obsessed with ballet. She lists this as a reason why she has the career she does, since ballet taught her to move.

Number Six: Changing the Stereotypes of Modeling
We all know about the typical expectations of what fashion models should look like. They are usually rail thin and a bit weak looking. Karlie changes up this image by being really fit, abs included. She engages in all types of training including, most recently, jogging.

Number Five: Her Health Awakening
Middle America isn’t exactly known for its health conscious cuisine, and while Kloss loves her Midwestern roots, she’s aware that they aren’t the healthiest out in the land of corn. In her late teens, she decided to opt for healthier food choices.

Number Four: ‘Weird Tall Alien’
Karlie is 6’1, which means she towers over most females and probably most males as well. In high school, she would come to school with eyebrows bleached from a photo shoot and her classmates thought she was a weird, tall alien.

Number Three: Allergic to Glitter
She was spray painted with glitter for a London photo shoot. Shortly after, her throat started swelling and she had to be assessed by a medic.

Number Two: The Keeper-Together
Karlie Kloss is very close with her siblings and family, but considers herself independent for the most part. She bridges the gap between the older sister and younger ones, and calls herself the “keeper-together.”

Number One: Digital Detoxes
Once a week, she shuts off her computer and phone for a digital detox. We hope you enjoyed our article. Thanks for reading!